The robot is great but the 115 People's Hospital has to return the 'place of production', why?

The robot is great but the 115 People's Hospital has to return the 'place of production', why?

TTO - After more than a year of launching a "second generation" Modus V Synaptive robot with a project value of 54 billion VND (including robot money, training fees, warranty, transportation. ..), recently the 115 People's Hospital was forced to return the "place of production".

Talking to Tuoi Tre Online, Dr. Phan Van Bau - Director of People's Hospital 115 - said: "This is the best robot today, developed was first opened in the US, Canada and Switzerland, Vietnam is the fourth country to use this robot.This robot was used to help us achieve the Asian record for the first time in neurosurgery and especially contribute to helping many patients preserving life, minimizing disability rate ".

Unplugged for inefficiency

* But why after a period of "release" of use, especially with many successful cases, this robot has to pay?

- It is true that this robot has outstanding advantages to help see the fibrous structure of the nerve, to guide the doctor to get the tumor with cerebral hemorrhagic hematoma. Especially during surgery, the patient may not have to anesthetize (provincial surgery), and be discharged within a few days after surgery.

But not all patients are assigned to robot surgery. Because of the "fear of costs for the patient", we cannot perform the number of surgical cases as in the bidding plan.

Since the launch of the first successful surgery (2-2019), we have performed more than 30 cases, of which 10 are free.

This means that the hospital does not realize the desire to own this robot (must meet the number of surgical patients / year).

Right from the beginning of 2020, the company repeatedly reminds whether to increase the number of surgeries, otherwise they will withdraw the device. And the truth is that in early August 2020 they decided to unplug the device.

The robot is great but the 115 People's Hospital has to return the 'place of production', why?

* So when deciding to hire this robot, the hospital could not expect all the "slump"?

- It's not like that. We have to consider the economics of the patient, because not everyone can afford surgery. In fact, if the patient is economical, the surgery of this robot is number 1.

We have people who can master the technology and sometimes I just hope that there is a unit or individual dedicated to helping the hospital get this robot (instead of giving it back). great. By doing this, we will devote our efforts to saving the lives of many patients, even providing free surgery for the poor.

* It is a fact that there are many patients in need of surgery. However, as he said, will the patient have a hard time without a robot?

- This is really a pity. Because research shows that brain hemorrhage over 60ml mortality rate is over 90%, but when there are surgical robots, the death rate is reduced. Therefore, the absence of a robot certainly affects the treatment results a lot, and the patient must suffer. For a temporary "fire suppression" we have a tumor locator but the nerve bundles cannot be detected.

* How is this Modus V Synaptive robot hired under, sir?

- This is the first equipment with high cost, so before deciding to bring back, we see the possible economic risks, maintenance issues, people using ... Therefore, we decide on the plan to apply for machine rental, and approved by the superiors. All processes are open to open bidding.

When hiring, the hospital sets the ceiling price and the firms bid, all damages on the company side are incurred. Within a period of 4-5 years, if a sufficient number of diseases is ensured, this device belongs to the hospital.

So far, I have found that the application of robots only benefits, not lose (doctors learn a new technology, reach Asian records and save the lives of many patients).

* After a negative incident at Bach Mai Hospital (Hanoi) and not excluded, it occurred in some other hospitals. With the hospital's robot hiring and return story, is there anything negative?

- Application of robotics, artificial intelligence is the inevitable trend in disease treatment. However, under the current conditions, with a public hospital like us, if spending several tens of billions to buy, it will be under economic pressure, then have to do enough to compensate. So we are very cautious.

I affirm that when using the hiring plan, all procedures are in compliance with the regulations, and it is the safest way in economics without causing property damage to the State. So far the State has not spent a penny.

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